ZUMBA® Fitness Extravaganza Weekend

The NY Extravaganza Fitness Weekend Party, Featuring Zumba® Fitness, is taking place for the first time ever in Westchester!


Come and see why 14 million people a week enjoy Zumba® Fitness! With a theme party, music concert and mega master class by Zumba® Fitness’ international instructors, you’ll be rocking your way into a healthier you!

The Extravaganza weekend will take place in White Plains, Westchester, NY on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2012. Tickets on sale right now, it will be a sold out event.

 Don’t miss this great opportunity to be in the mix of a weekend full of music and dancing, featuring the best Zumba® Fitness!

 A portion of the music concert proceeds will be destined to benefit Augie’s Quest – a Research organization associated with Zumba® Fitness, that fights MSD and ALS.

 To register now for VIP section, visit our page here!


 Email for more info to zumbaextravaganza@hotmail.com


Call host Toni-Michelle Rubio at 914 7145059

By: Amy Olin