When is it Time to Redecorate?

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Every year there is a traditional time to redecorate your home. As winter ends and spring appears, many families use this time to get rid of the old and move in the new. But for some, it may be time to redecorate your home now. For most of us, redecorating seems like a large task that can be put off until next year, but next year never comes. This makes the home seem lost in time and in serious need of an upgrade. So how can you decide if it is time to redecorate? Here are a few of the signs that it is time to stop putting it off and redecorate today.

You Saw Your Furniture Pattern on “That 70’s Show”

Just like clothing, furniture goes out of style. If you have seen your furniture on a TV show that is based in the 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s, it is time to redecorate. Today’s furniture fashion is as indicative as today’s hottest selling Armani suit. Those who know interior design would be able to tell you the exact year you purchased your living room set, and probably even the store. This doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive furniture available today, but furniture style has changed and updating your home will help create a more modern feel for your home.

Your Carpet Tells a Story

If you can walk across your floor and tell your guests where each stain on the carpet came from and who was there when it happened, you may need to redecorate. Even though furniture with character is a great way to show your individual style, there is a difference between character and chaos. Installing new carpets will give you the chance to create new memories without the evidence of the old carpet.

Your Home Makes You Want to Leave

As humans, we often find ourselves in a rut, often when we have been stuck in it too long. Your home décor can create a rut and affect your mood. If you find yourself avoiding a room or your home in general just so you don’t have to look at it, you may want to consider redecorating. Your mood is susceptible to your environment. Create a space you want to be in rather than keeping the space you are just “used to”.

Your Home Looks Tired

Your home has a mood the same way you do. When you are tired you show signs that everyone can see. You have bags over your eyes, they are blood shot, you slouch, you move slower, etc. Your home will show signs also. Peeling wallpaper, ripped tiles, dingy wall paint, or cracked molding are just a few signs that your home needs a makeover.

Visible Traffic Patterns and Imprints

There is one indication that is apparent to everyone who visits your home. Visible traffic patterns in your carpet or imprints of 20 years of sitting on your furniture. Your furniture should be the first warning sign that it is time to redecorate. If your spouse has a favorite seat and gets upset when it someone sits in it, it is often because the furniture has been molded to fit his body. The same indicators can be found on the carpet when you are able to follow the path created by the family over the years. If you can’t see the clearly marked traffic pattern, move the couch and see the difference in carpet texture.

Spring may just be months away, but for many people, it is never too soon to redecorate. Not only will redecorating your home update your furniture and create a more modern home, it can also increase the mood of those living in the home. Take a look at your current décor and see if it’s time to shop for something new and get rid of the “good old” furniture.

Lilly Pendleton blogs for furniture sites. If you’re curious about brand choices, check out her piece on lanefurniture.

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