Super STDs- Fact or Fiction?


Physician and Medical Researchers are taken a back by the escalation of diseases that are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. Unfortunately , STD’s are not exempt for this phenomenon. Because mutation is a cell’s form of survival and ultimately, propagation, ensuring the colonization of younger, more virulent members of its own, is the cell’s very own mission to fulfill. Biologists are struggling to the spread of these newly dubbed “super strains” at bay. With the increase in number of hosts paired with the ability of the strains to continually be provided the opportunity to strengthen and proliferate, the cells are only doing what is completely natural to them, much to the demise of Public Health watchdogs. So, which diseases are cropping up as untreatable?


Each year, approximately 300,000 people are diagnosed with Gonorrhea . Sadly, as many as 600,000 people are unaware that they even have the disease. Traditionally cured with an oral antibiotic, Gonorrhea has taken on a newer, more powerful form that originated in Canada. Seven percent of the people treated with its traditionally prescribed antibiotic returned claiming that they still were experiencing symptoms. “We’ve been very concerned about the threat of potentially untreatable gonorrhea in the United States,” according to Dr. Gail Bolan, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s division for sexually transmitted diseases. The very idea that there could be a strain of incurable Gonorrhea is no laughing matter. Untreated Gonorrhea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies and infertility.

Super Syphilis?

Van Gogh ultimately succumbed to this wretched affliction but thanks to modern medicine, we can all take a couple shots in the buttocks and go back to life as normal… or not. Strains of Syphilis as well as Chlamydia (which commonly teams up with Gonorrhea) are being found in San Francisco area clinics. The patients treated with the traditionally prescribed medication, azithromycin are reported to showing no improvement in their conditions, leaving medical professionals in the San Francisco clinic to believe that the once treatable Syphilis is gaining momentum through mutation.


HIV AIDs virus

We are all aware of the fact that HIV AIDs is an incurable STD. Fortunately, pharmaceutical companies have been able to concoct a variety of drug “cocktails” that can allow someone who is HIV positive to life a long and somewhat healthy life. Unfortunately, due to a newer, more virulent strain of the HIV AIDs virus found discovered in a gay community in New York City, this may not always be the case. Apparently, this super strain is reputed to be accelerating quite rapidly in its host, leaving a victim with a fully manifested case of HIV AIDS within two months of contracting the virus.

There is nothing more sobering that being told you have an STD. What’s even worse is the idea that what you may have contracted is not responding to traditional treatment. If the term “super strain” makes the hairs on the back of your neck stick up, consider arming yourself with a few things that can shift the scales in your favor: educate yourself, protect yourself and respect yourself. In a world where promiscuity and casual sex is becoming the norm, stand up for your health and your dignity by making responsible choices about your bedmates.

Sue L. McBride writes for public health blogs. If you’re sexually active, make sure to get regular std tests. Make sure to visit infection exposure testing Miami.

By: Juvie Indiola

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