Spray Foam Insulation How to save money on heating bills this winter

Blue Bird Insulation
Started in 1999 by Hilmar Fenger, the Hilmar Development Group team is excited about influencing the growth of local communities through real estate development.

Fenger, a 12-year veteran of the residential building industry, and a licensed spray foam insulation contractor, is deeply rooted and invested in Putnam and Westchester County. With offices in Putnam and Croton-on-Hudson, New York, the company is invested in projects throughout Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester County that incorporate the area’s rich history and reflect Fenger’s values and passion.

Blue Bird Insulation is a natural compliment to an already existing construction business. Spray foam insulation is ‘here and now’ in the ‘Green Energy’ climate, to replace all other existing and old school insulation products. It has to many advantages over other insulation products to list here. Want to increase the ‘R-value’ along with resale value of your home? Think spray foam insulation! Clean – Efficient – Permanent!

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Several studies which were conducted have indicated that approximately in 40% of the structures, energy is lost mainly due to
poor air insulation. Insulation such as fiberglass usually is stabled into place or gaps along the edges when stuck against
walls, permitting air to pass through very easily, reducing the effectiveness and the efficiency of the insulation.

Westchester NY Spray foam insulation is one of the best forms of insulation. In comparison to fiberglass insulation, it is supposed to provide maximum air and moisture resistance, along with various other benefits.

As an added bonus, the Federal Government is offering up to $500 in tax credits for residential home owners to insulate your home. [Click here] to find out if you qualify.