Oddly Shaped Packaged? Easy Wrapping Tips

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It’s the time of year when we give gifts to the people that we love, work with, live next to and simply appreciate. Unless you select your gifts very carefully, you’ll undoubtedly come up with at least one or two that are anything but easy to wrap. Luckily, there are some great ways that you can present those oddly shaped packages to your friends and family. Here are five ideas that you can use:


Fabric is much more pliable than paper and will wrap your gift perfectly. Go to your local fabric or craft store, buy a yard or more of fabric in a cheery, holiday pattern and lay it flat on your table, pattern-side down. Place your item in the middle of the fabric and bring two diagonally opposite corners to meet each other. Tie these corners in a bow and then repeat the process with your remaining two corners. This type of wrap is especially perfect if the recipient of your gift loves to sew or craft.

2.Gift Boxes with Lids

Remember that you can always purchase a gift box with a lid for your gift. Line the box with tissue paper, place your object inside and cover it with more tissue. You may want to fill any open space inside of the box with shredded or crumpled tissue, particularly if your gift is fragile. You can then wrap the box or leave it as is. Plain white or kraft boxes are wonderful choices if you want to personalize your box. You can add stickers, draw on the boxes with markers, paint them or decorate them with any sort of ephemera you have lying around.


If you are giving multiple, small gifts, consider using a basket to hold them all. You can arrange your gifts in a large basket and add a bow to the handle or shrink-wrap the basket with cellophane. Try to find a basket that your recipient will be able to use again. For instance, if your loved one has been aching for a picnic basket, use one to hold your gifts. If your sister uses baskets in her garden, find one that would be perfect for her flowers. Try to put as much thought into the basket that you choose as you did the objects that it will hold.

4.Appropriate Holders

Have you ever considered using holders appropriate for your objects as gift wrap? For instance, if you’re giving your niece make-up for Christmas, pack it up in a make-up caddy. If you’re giving your mother a lovely pair of pajamas and comfortable slippers, wrap them all in a fluffy bathrobe. If you’re buying books for your son, put them in a great backpack that he can use to carry them in. There are dozens of ways that you can bundle your gifts into useful packages for your loved ones.

5.Potato Sacks

You can find incredibly interesting, old potato sacks made out of burlap on eBay and other online retailers. These sacks make perfect gift wrapping for things like quilts, sheet sets, clothing and framed art. Not only are burlap sacks great gift wraps, but they are interesting enough to be gifts all their own. Your recipient can fill the sacks with cotton batting and sit them in a corner of their home, cut them apart and use them for crafts, or even frame them and hang them in the basement, garage or shed.

When you consider that the average American spends just over $700 each year on gifts, it’s easy to imagine that much of that money is spent on gifts that are difficult to wrap. If you find yourself with an oddly-shaped object in your hands, look to one of the five tips above for wrapping ideas. Whether you choose a gift box or a square of fabric, you’ll find wrapping your ill-shaped gifts much less stressful.

Lindsey Ratcliff writes for decorating blogs. Find out more about gift boxes with lids for special occasions.

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