Last Chance to Recycle Household Items

Attention Westchester, the next Household Recying day will be Friday, June 11 from 1 to 3 pm and Saturday, June 12 from 9 am to 3pm at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York.

Household Recycling Days, residents may drop off household waste that cannot be set out for curbside collection or recycling. Refer to our Household Recycling Days brochure for a complete list of dates, locations and items accepted. The household recycling events schedule is regularly updated with additional collections days and locations.   For a complete and detailed list of what to bring and what’s not accepted, visit or call 914-813-5425
We accept residential chemicals only. Materials from businesses (including home-based doctors and accountants), institutions and schools will not be accepted. Follow these simple rules:

Remember to close all bags and bottles tightly.
All chemicals must be in original or labeled containers.
Place all chemicals in a sturdy box and in the trunk of your car.

There is no fee, but pre-registration is required for 100 pounds or more of solid material or 25 gallons or more of liquid. To pre-register, call the Recycling HelpLine at (914) 813-5425

The Mobile Shredder is available for residents only. Papers from businesses (doctors, accountants, etc.), institutions and schools will not be accepted. Bring up to four boxes of your personal papers to be shredded on-the-spot at no charge.

The following items are accepted:

* Most automotive fluids – antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline
* Flammable liquids – kerosene, butane, charcoal fluid, turpentine
* Metal, jewelry and furniture polishes, wood preservatives, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, photographic and swimming pool chemicals
* Fluorescent light bulbs and CFLs
* Fire extinguishers
* Propane tanks (1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 pound tanks)
* Batteries – only auto, rechargeable and button cell types
* Household appliances with Freon – air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifier
* Mercury thermometers and thermostats
* E-waste – items related to communications, including TVs, computers, monitors and related accessories, printers, fax machines, cell phones, radios, stereos, and speakers
* Car tires (maximum 10)
* Expired or unused pharmaceuticals – both prescription and over the counter
* Plastic grocery bags – bring in 20 bags or more and get a free reusable shopping bag – while supplies last.

The items below are not accepted.

For disposal information, call the Recycling HelpLine at (914) 813-5425

Paint – Oil and Latex – harden paint and put it out with the household trash in solid form. Air dry and use kitty litter or waste paint hardener.  (Exception: Rye Brook, White Plains and Yorktown residents must dispose of empty or hardened paint cans on bulk pick-up days.)
* Non-rechargeable batteries – discard with household trash
* Motor oil – take to service station or motor oil retail outlet
* Compressed gas cylinders – helium and oxygen tanks
* Smoke and fire detectors – discard with household trash
* Explosives – flares, fireworks, ammunition
* Medical waste – hypodermic needles
* Construction & demolition debris – materials from home improvement and construction projects (e.g. drywall, wood, pipes, fixtures)
* Materials from commercial and institutional users