5 Point of Sales Advancements to Expect in 2013

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5 Point of Sales Advancements to Expect in 2013

The world of retail is in constant evolution as consumer trends change. As marketing, e-commerce, and discount programs adapt to meet with the new consumer behavior, point of sales systems must also adapt. In a world where mobile technology and social networking are molding business standards, 2013 will show adapted POS systems that will utilize these trends. For those who are looking to integrate the latest technologies into their business, consider these upcoming POS features.

Mobile POS Options

Where cell phones used to be a luxury, smartphones and tablets are now a necessity. In business, this allows for more checkout options for consumers. Sales staff will be seen equipped with smartphones and tablets capable of processing payments immediately after closing a sale with consumers. This is not only showing an increase in sales for the business, but is also allowing consumers to take advantage of quick checkout while avoiding the long lines at the register. Whether it is self-service checkout, or staffed mobile checkout, you will see more mobile devices on the sales floor than in previous years.

Customer Loyalty Programs

One of the best tools for creating a loyal customer base is the loyalty program. This trend will only grow in 2013 and offer more convenience to staff and customers. These loyalty programs will begin integrating into mobile technology allowing staff to sign up new customers quickly as well as allowing consumers to use their mobile devices to join the club. For business owners, this allows a larger customer database for promotions and marketing, while it offers savings and more personalized shopping for consumers.

More Customized Marketing

Technology is growing at an impressive rate. Those ideas that were once only depicted in movies are now a reality. New POS systems will have the ability to advertise customer specific items while waiting in line. This will be done by gender, age, and in some cases, past purchases. This is meant to increase impulse buys at the register as well as offer customers a more personalized shopping experience. We already see monitors in grocery stores that turn on as someone passes, this is the next step as these systems will scan consumers and offer advertisements that may appeal to them.

BYOD Shopping

Mobile devices have allowed consumers to shop from anywhere, scan barcodes to compare prices, and even see customer reviews before purchasing an item. Now POS systems will integrate bring-your-own-device features that will allow consumers to purchase items right from the aisle. This is another method of taking advantage of impulse buys and an increased customer experience. During holiday shopping this feature will be widely used and will help avoid the long lines and chaotic shopping conditions.

Social Media Linked into POS Systems

Businesses have already found the marketing benefits of social networking. With large networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn being used across many industries, it is only the next logical step to include it in the shopping experience. Imagine your Facebook page automatically updating your wall when you purchase a new flat screen TV, or automatically adding a “like” when you checkout at your favorite coffee shop. These are just a couple of the social networking features POS developers are looking to add this year.

As consumer’s lives change with technology, you can expect the shopping experience change as well. POS systems of yesterday are quickly being replaced with the technology of today and allowing customers to take advantage of the everyday devices they have grown to love. These changes are just small glimpses into the future of consumer specific shopping we can expect to see in the next few years.

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